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  • Welcome to Wonder Month

    As we all know January marks the start of a New Year but it can also be the month of broken promises, as resolutions fall away as the weeks venture on. Here at Feed Me 2 we are determined, even potentially annoyingly so, to making 2017 a positive year for our company and our customers! One of our aims was to keep growing our blog with more interesting content constantly being turned over. We have decided to therefore theme our blog each month on various areas of motherhood and the different things we are all obsessed by. Keeping with a cliché we decided that January was going to be enforced with positive messages and so our theme for the first part of 2017 is going to be: ‘Keeping on top of you’re A-Game’. We are obviously all aware that this isn’t the easiest thing to manage so we figured that this month we would focus on taking the A-Game stress out of your hands and into ours with all the tricks of the trade and useful information and advice on being your best self both physically and mentally.

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