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  • Questions so you don’t have to question!

    Finding out your pregnant can to a certain extent be slightly overwhelming, as the responsibility of carrying and growing a little one is enormous! With all the emotional and physical changes occurring the organization of pregnancy can get the better of even the most efficient. Here at Feed Me 2 we are all about helping our Mamas out, so we thought it might be a bright idea to put together a list you could easy print off to take with you to the doctor with all the necessary questions already thought out and organized for you so you don’t have a freak out 2 hours post appointment realising you forgot that crucial question. So here they are:

    1.How should my diet change?
    2.How do we deal with vitamin intake?
    3.Is it necessary to take them in pill form?
    4.Is sex safe during the whole of pregnancy?
    5.What exercise can I do?
    6.Are any beauty treatments not recommended?
    7.Can I take medication?
    8.What do I do if I am not feeling well?
    9.Who do I call when I am in labour?
    10.If I am craving something should I indulge?
    11.What should I anticipate about weight gain?
    12.What doctors do I need?
    13.How often do I need to see my doctor?
    14.What do all the different appointments mean?
    15.What bodily functions should concern me?

    These questions might not be everything you would want to ask but they are a good place to start!

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