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  • My Beehive Review

    If we were to play the word association game and we mentioned the word Beehive most of us are thinking about Beyoncé’s band of loyal fans and followers. However in the world of Motherhood, pregnancy and conception the word Beehive is being mentioned with a totally different connotation.
    Here at Feed Me 2 we like to promote amazing businesses and concepts that are being developed to help Mothers do their job better and feel better. Beehive was started by a woman called Saskia who whilst undergoing IVF realised that although science was behind her in every capacity, there was not much of a community to support her both emotionally and physically through her journey to conceive. was started to build a community, if not an almost sisterhood which provided a hub of information and a wealth of support for women going through the challenges of conception. From magazines to support packages, MyBeehive provides women with the hand to hold, the shoulder to cry on and the motivational conversation that under times of stress and concern we all need. The website is divided into three quite distinct sections: conception, fertility treatment, and loss.

    At Feed Me 2 as our readers are aware in February we are focusing on sex, conception, and relationships; so we felt that it would be appropriate to do a review of MyBeehive’s IVF Care Pack; so here we go.
    One of the first things you notice about the care pack is it’s almost goodie box like feel. From the calming white exterior to its gentle cloth touch, you instantly know that the products inside are guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world. The products inside the box are varied and MyBeehive really do think of everything you might need. From an information booklet, to vitamins, tea, snuggly socks, fertility crystals and even pregnancy tests, they have you covered! And even greater the bag these goodies come in doubles up as a safe case for IVF medication!

    At Feed Me 2 as we mentioned before we love to celebrate all things women and how both commercially, emotionally and socially we are uniting to take care of each other so that we thrive and MyBeehive is a perfect example of this. We couldn’t recommend MyBeehive enough, so ladies check it out!

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