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  • Herbal Tea: Friend or Foe?

    There is much controversial debate surrounding the consumption of caffeinated products during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The concerns that revolve around caffeine have been perpetuated by both the media and a greater social awareness about health. Caffeine however has been seen to reduce your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins, and there has been some correlation between coffee consumption and low birth weight. As well as this caffeine can be seen to interfere with babies sleep patterns.
    Herbal Teas are often the replacement that women reach for when their Starbucks cup seems to be taken away from them. There has been some discussion on the safety of herbal teas despite what might seem like a truly wholesome drink.
    Here at Feed Me 2 we aim to give our Mamas only the best advice so we got in contact with our nutritionist Henrietta Norton to ask her what she thinks about herbal tea consumption. In Henrietta’s wise opinion she felt strongly about sticking to organic teas as a means to avoiding any contaminants. She also follows the medical advice that suggests no more than 2 cups of any caffeinated drink per day, so that even means keeping your green tea consumption under control. Interestingly she also mentioned that it is important to keep Raspberry leaf tea drinking out of bounds until the very final weeks of pregnancy as it has the potential to encourage cervical contractions (we would stay away from this until past your due date!).
    Definite favourite options would have to be fresh mint, lemon and ginger. All these ingredients are fab for a Mothers well being which is why in fact we use them in our meals to help season our ingredients!

    Additional Tip: Fill your water bottle with fruits and other flavourful ingredients such as mint and lemon to create your own ice tea!

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