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    Select the types of food that you prefer NOT to eat. Items that contain significant amounts of these properties will be less visible on the menu.

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    • – What you eat in the next nine months can impact your baby’s health, as well as your own so reach for the most nutrient dense food you can.
    • – Stay hydrated.
    • – Cut out alcohol, smoking, caffeine
    • – Wash all your fruit and vegetables extremely well
    • – Cheeses, juices and milks should all be pasteurised
    • – Avoid eating liver and having Cod Liver Oil as contains excessive levels of Vitamin A.
    • – Be discerning with the fish you eat. Avoid fish or those fish known to have higher mercury levels. This tends to be the bigger fish i.e sword fish, king mackerel, marlin etc. It is recommended to keep your fish allowance to 2 times a week to help keep the mercury levels low but also ensue your are getting a good level of DHA and Omegas.
    • – Avoid any raw seafood/fish.