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  • Exercise with Elvie, and wave your Pelvic Floor fears away

    When our founder Lauren first mentioned the ‘Elvie’ I had absolutely no idea what on earth she was talking about! When Lauren first began describing the Elvie I looked at her with a face that was even more bizarre than some of the faces I give her when the ideas bouncing around the office get a bit crazy. I began googling what exactly the Elvie was and how it was possibly going to improve my life as it had seemed to improve my boss’s.
    I am sceptical about everything but I am always willing to admit when I am wrong and it turns out I was definitely wrong about the Elvie.

    Before my research I didn’t now much about my Pelvic floor apart from that I used it to stop myself going to the toilet in the most embarrassing situations. Your pelvic floor is something us ladies definitely need to start paying more attention towards! The pelvic floor is a powerful pouch of muscles that sit a bit like a hammock or a swinging garden seat between your tail and pubic bone! Despite preventing you from going to the toilet when you don’t want to, untrained pelvic floor muscles can result in a combination of bladder, sex and prolapse problems; and well that definitely doesn’t sound so great to me.

    The Elvie essentially gets you to do more with your kegels! The Elvie provides you with a 5-minute workout that helps you gain better core strength and control and furthermore improve sex! By getting your Pelvic floor into tiptop condition your vagina is prepared for strains of pregnancy, childbirth, ageing and impact sports. By beginning to work on your Pelvic floor early you are taking control of your body as it transitions through the many phases of life. The Elvie works by connecting to your phone and providing through an app an exercise routine. With a 2 year warranty and it being made from both medical grade silicone and is 100% waterproof.

    Here at Feed Me 2 we are in love with the Elvie, and since we have both begun using it things around the office are feeling a lot stronger! Elvie, we love you!

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