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  • Behind the Scenes with the Founder of Feed Me 2


    How did the idea for Feed Me 2 come about?

    So I was always passionate about food and cooking from the day my Mum taught how to cook. I was always passionate about spices and what goes inside food and how things come together but only a few years ago did I get passionate about health and I started to try and combine the flavours that I had learnt from my Mum with health because I felt there was such a stereotype that healthy food didn’t taste good and I almost wanted to change that because I was so passionate about food but also health. So i graduated at a culinary school in California and I got really into creative meals. I was thinking “how can I be creative with my meals?” and thinking about how your body will work with food. My energy changed and I felt like a different person when I started being healthy. I don’t wanna sound cliche but I felt like I got more energy. I started to get lots of family members falling pregnant or discussing pregnancy and of course being passionate about food and health that would somehow find it’s way into the conversation. My passions of health, food and family sort of led me to this natural curiosity of what was the process like and what did it mean for your health? Did it change or did it have to change? I started to see there was a lot of information online and it was quite overwhelming and I couldn’t believe it. For me I’m just young and I have a lot to learn but I couldn’t believe that they expect you to understand or learn so much when you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant and I think about a Mother who is in that position who is also cooking for their family, has to think about not only herself but her baby, has to think about going out, has to think about going to work. It’s just completely learning a whole new topic in such a short space of time, it is so overwhelming. I was like right how can I do this, how I can I take away some of that stress? Almost just providing a one stop for them to learn all that information and I think Feed Me 2 came from that passion for kids, for food, for health and a desire to help.


    Was there a light bulb moment or was it more of an evolution?

    I think for a while many people were telling me you need to set up a meal delivery service in general for health.

    Where did the idea of catering for every season of Motherhood evolve from?

    So I was talking to my friend about it who actually is not in health but we were sat down around the dinner table and she was like “Lauren from everything that you are saying why don’t you think about food for kids? or do meals for kids or something like that?”…and from that idea it sparked the topic “well what about pregnant Mum’s?” I realised it was something that hasn’t been done. I was so surprised that not many people focus on pregnant Mum’s. We focus so much on the generation coming, children and their health but what about the Mother? Particularly when she is pregnant and carrying this next generation, surely that is just as important! It’s been a year that I’ve been getting ready and testing the market and just seeing if there was a demand and from that it just develops and more and more ideas come. I never know where it’s going to take me but it’s a start.

    What’s your first food related memory? 

    Friday night dinners. We have a rule with our family that we try every Friday to make it a day for us. Just a way for parents, children and family to catch up and find out what’s going on. So Mum would always ask me to help and I didn’t want to but eventually I got into it and especially as I started getting healthier I wanted to have more of an input and to really change some of the recipes. So my Mum started to teach me and I started to get a lot more interested in it. Friday was like a pinnacle point where I had an excuse to start experimenting with ingredients and creating recipes for people.

    What is your favourite dish that your Mum cooks?

    So she makes the most incredible Sea Bass Ceviche which is because of her South American roots or also her Lamb Apricot Tagine!

    Nice, did that inspire the Lamb Apricot Tagine that we have on the menu?

    Oh definitely!

    Has she tried the one on our menu?

    I actually don’t think she has (laughing) I think she needs to!

    Who inspires you the most? 

    Working women, successful women, women who manage their time. So they don’t have to be successful in a job or something but someone who knows how to balance and structure their life. I’m in awe of Mum’s.

    What is your favourite Feed Me 2 meal, snack or treat?

    Ok I have one in every category. My seeded crackers come from before Feed Me 2, they were something that I had always done. So I think the seeded crackers for me and especially when I want a snack but want to be good. I think also the Spanish Style Chicken with Golden Beets is one of my favourites. Something about tomatoes I just love, the natural sweetness and I am such a sweet tooth! For the sweets I love the Apple Crumble.

    What do you have with your Apple Crumble?

    I don’t eat too much dairy so I like to have mine with some coconut yoghurt!

    What would your advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs be?

    I don’t even know if I’m qualified to give that advice, I mean every day there is a new challenge that I face and I’m learning every day but I would say, take each day as it comes. Try to be present and live in the now, just take each day as it comes and tackle each problem. Also that it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to get something wrong and that if you don’t try you’ll never know. I never realised how important that was until I was in that position. I try to tell myself that every day; it’s ok if someone doesn’t reply or if you get something wrong, people make mistakes and it’s so normal. There are obviously just so many lessons to learn. I also feel like time management and being able to know when to take time for yourself because I’ve learnt that this time is just as important as the time you spend putting into your business!


    Your best friend asks you to recommend her a book….which book do you recommend?

    What kind of book?

    Just any book…

    Ok my spiritual side says “Many Lives Many Masters” it was a really really deep book for me. Woke me up in many ways, helped me to redefine my purpose.

    What’s the weirdest food or dish you’ve ever eaten? 

    Ummm i’ve definitely eaten some weird combinations of food. Recently at a restaurant I had black sesame ice cream…and it was actually pretty good.

    finish these sentences…..

    I feel happiest when… I’m looking after myself.

    I overcome challenges by… taking each day as it comes.

    I love how babies… make you smile.  


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