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  • Feed Me 2 Philosophy

    What We Do

    We work with our nutritionists and chefs to create nutritionally dense and delicious meals tailored for every stage of your child rearing years; women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, breast feeding, birth and beyond!

    How It Works

    Pick the meals you’re craving from our delicious extensive menu. Our chefs prepare the meals freshly for you and we deliver them straight to your door. These meals are made for you but loved by everyone, so stock up for the whole family!

    Our Ingredients

    We hand pick each ingredient with health and taste in mind. All our meats are grass fed and free range, our fish sustainably sourced, wild or organic and our produce from predominantly UK farms and organic where possible. All our ingredients are preservative and additive free! We use no refined sugar or refined carbohydrates in our products, we are wholesome and naturally delicious!

    Our Suppliers

    When it comes to selecting our suppliers we take great care. We know that being certified as organic for small suppliers can be expensive even when they use organic practices and produce high quality fruit and vegetables. Therefore our aim is to support these local suppliers that use organic and ethical practices to produce high quality produce by using as much of their product as possible.

    Fruit and Vegetables

    We source most of our fruit and vegetables from Ted’s Veg an ethical supplier whose crops are grown chemical free! 

    Beef and Lamb

    As for our meat we use UK family run farm Taste Tradition who attribute their success to the “value people place on animal welfare, traditional farming methods and high quality, beautiful tasting real produce” and their ability to deliver just that!


    Our fish is sourced from local London supplier James Knight who “is the sector leader on sustainability issues. We were the first wet fish wholesaler in London to be listed in the Sustainable Restaurant Association supplier directory.” They also describe their quality assurance as giving customers “full confidence that your products have been impeccably handled and should a query arise from your customers, we will have all of the traceability paperwork to hand for you.” All of our fish is either wild or organic and we take pride is using suppliers with the highest ethical, sustainability and quality assurance policies.

    Dry Goods

    Most of our dry goods are organic however in order not to limit our chefs creativity and the flavoursome dishes we deliver, not all ingredients are organic but as with all of our suppliers we take great care to ensure that each ingredient selected is of the highest quality and standard.

    We’ve done the research and built the relationships, so that you can sit back and enjoy the delicious, fresh and ethical ingredients that go into each of our meals.


    Our Team

    Founder Lauren Dangoor

    Our healthy culinary Queen graduated from a culinary school in California and has had a life long love affair with cooking. Anyone who has been to the Dangoor household will tell you that there is always the scent of something freshly cooked in the kitchen and food on the table to be shared. She loves inspiring her family to eat healthily by adding her creative and nutritious twist on traditional Middle Eastern cooking. She is a foodie with a sweet tooth and never shies away from trying new flavours. Her idea for Feed Me 2 was born after Lauren noticed herself giving cooking tips and health advice to her many friends and family who were mothers to be and imagining herself as a Mum. She can’t get enough of our Apple & Berry Oat Crumble Pot.

    Quote that Motivates her: “Early to bed, early to rise. Makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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